• Tricia Knox posted an update 3 years, 5 months ago

    Hi Everyone!

    • Hi back. I like your cover photo.

      • Thanks! It’s the cover image for a children’s book I wrote a few years ago. My friend painted my “pond” scene. I’ve yet to publish the book b/c my external hard drive with all my work on it crashed. This image is my reminder to recreate the book. I have a PDF version of it so not all is lost. I used PageMaker years ago. I actually found an old copy of the program last week in my home office desk drawer buried under a pile of junk. I think someone is sending me a message to get to work on it. I need constant reminders though!

        • That’s very cool. I’m publishing on Create Space. I have three books on Amazon; a mystery, some short stories, and a book of poetry. It was surprisingly easy. We should talk in Portland about creative outlets like writing.